Read “The Auditor and the Exorcist” free online

In 2019, I posted here about a novelette I wrote for TechDirt. The people behind TechDirt had put together an anthology of stories about the future of work, Working Futures. I’ve since put that novelette, “The Auditor and the Exorcist,” up on my writing site as a free read.

“The Auditor and the Exorcist” was heavily influenced by the years I spent working remotely for Oracle. It tells a near-future story of working in a world with a social credit system that depends on weak AI. Of course, poor security, hacking, and bugs are all present in the future, too…

In 2020, I released “The Auditor and the Exorcist” for free under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 on my writing website, both as HTML and as a free EPUB download.

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