Natalka’s My Oracle Support Technical Documents

During my years at Oracle, I wrote or co-authored over 100 technical documents for My Oracle Support (MOS), including interactive troubleshooting guides, alerts, how-to guides, and detailed notes on narrow technical issues. Here’s the list as of August 2014. Links require a current Oracle Support account. If the link doesn’t work, try searching on the Document ID.

Many RAC sessions in long wait, with root session waiting for ‘gc current request’ (Doc ID 1907369.1)

CRS on On 32-bit Linux: system reboots after 298 days uptime (Doc ID 1906755.1)

ALERT: SOLARIS & HP-UX – unrecoverable error ORA-29701 raised in ASM I/O path; terminating process {nnnnn} (Doc ID 1561271.1)

Interactive Upgrade Assistant: Oracle Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1553630.2)

Interactive Patching Assistant: Oracle Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1553605.2)

Interactive Install Assistant: Oracle Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1551639.2)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure: How to Troubleshoot Voting Disk Evictions (Doc ID 1549428.1)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure: How to Troubleshoot cssagent/cssmonitor Evictions (Doc ID 1549496.1)

Troubleshooting Instance Evictions (Instance terminates with ORA-29740, Instance Abort, Instance Kill) (Doc ID 1549135.1)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure: Understanding Split-Brain Node Eviction (Doc ID 1546004.1)

Master Note: Windows Grid Infrastructure Install/Upgrade fails with [INS-20802]: Most Common Causes and Solutions (Doc ID 1542814.1)

HP Itanium: Parallel query slave background process spins while consuming high CPU (Doc ID 1536174.1)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure: How to Troubleshoot Missed Network Heartbeat Evictions (Doc ID 1534949.1)

Linux: Database instance hang after “strace” on LGWR (Doc ID 1530238.1)

Patches Required for HCC + DNFS Support on (Doc ID 1528783.1)

ACFSUTIL Reports CLSU-00100 CLSU-00101 ACFS-03001 Permission denied (Doc ID 1513344.1)

Linux: DB Processes may hang when running large “dd” to NFS disk, leading to RAC eviction or crash (Doc ID 1512914.1)

Bug 11822565 – cluvfy and OUI support for Tectia SSH (Doc ID 11822565.8)

Bug 13891327 – ORA-600 [kjblrpst:!rora] in RAC (Doc ID 13891327.8)

Bug 13921145 – Instance crashes with ORA-7445 [kjldmp] occurs during SYSTEMSTATE dump (Doc ID 13921145.8)

Bug 14003485 – ACFS install on Linux outputs thousands of lines of depmod output (Doc ID 14003485.8)

Bug 13924431 – osysmond.bin process causes 100% cpu load in Solaris (Doc ID 13924431.8)

hp-ux: 11gR2 GI Fails to Start or Fails with “clsfmt: Received unexpected error 4 from skgfifi for file” if PHCO_43004 is Applied (Doc ID 1508899.1) Grid Infrastructure Bundle/PSU Known Issues (Doc ID 1508641.1)

Bug 13880925 – With application binaries on ACFS, node panics when application is started – notably applies to SAP (Doc ID 13880925.8)

Bug 14204724 – Recovery fails with ORA-600 [kclcfusion_17] in RAC , instance aborts (Doc ID 14204724.8)

Oracle Clusterware Cannot Start on all Nodes: Network communication with node missing for 90% of timeout interval (Doc ID 1507482.1)

Bug 14588629 – ACFS: System panic after remote node evicted from cluster. (Doc ID 14588629.8)

I/O Errors in Alert log with ORA-29701, with “gipcWait failed with 16” in trace (Doc ID 1496329.1)

Bug 13579435 – cssd coredump and node reboot (Doc ID 13579435.8)

Bug 14268365 – After node leaves the cluster, CSSD on surviving node gets stuck in clssnmWaitOnEvictions() (Doc ID 14268365.8)

hp-ux: crsd.bin Leaks Memory as HP C/aC++ A.06.20 or Greater is not Installed (Doc ID 1494566.1)

Upgrade to 11.2 GI fails on first node, unable to start cssd; gipcd log reports “Returning NETDATA: 0 interfaces” (Doc ID 1489877.1)

11gR2 Grid on Solaris: Node crashes after running explorer -w all (Doc ID 1487321.1)

‘ls -l’ and ‘find’ Commands Slow on ACFS (Doc ID 1465927.1)

ACFS: “crsctl stop crs” fails with “CRS-2799: Failed to shut down resource ‘ora.drivers.acfs’ on ‘mynode'” (Doc ID 1462277.1)

Exadata Bundle Patches and Non-Exadata Systems (Doc ID 1459365.1)

INS-41310 or INS-41508 When Putting Voting Disk or OCR on Shared File System (Doc ID 1459240.1)

“IPC Send Timeout” messages from PING process in alert log (Doc ID 1449739.1)

ACFS-9390: The command ‘depmod…’ returned unexpected output (Doc ID 1447168.1)

RAC PATCHING QUICK REF: Applying CRS PSU, CRS Bundle, GI PSU, Windows Bundles 10.2 – 11.2 (Doc ID 1446371.1)

Oracle Restart: ohasd fails to start after executing, no logs or output created (Doc ID 1441202.1)

Bug 10129309 – AIX: CVU does not check network tunables on AIX (Doc ID 10129309.8)

Bug 9949813 – DB resource added with “srvctl add database -n” cannot be started by srvctl (Doc ID 9949813.8)

Bug 12744759 – DIA0 process fails with “Fail to allocate buffer due to incompletion of previous mcpy” (Doc ID 12744759.8)

Bug 9978195 – No new requests being serviced for a grock post-reconfig (Doc ID 9978195.8)

Bug 12680491 – Intermittent hiccup in network CHECK action can fail over vip, bring listener offline briefly (Doc ID 12680491.8)

Bug 13255295 – AIX: ACFS file systems may go offline on AIX when system heavily loaded and paging (Doc ID 13255295.8)

Bug 9691898 – srvctl will not startup instance in restricted mode (Doc ID 9691898.8)

Bug 11724464 – “crsctl stop clusterware” fails due to ACFS resource (Doc ID 11724464.8)

Bug 5923671 – EVMD fails to come up due to port busy error (Doc ID 5923671.8)

Bug 9067169 – ORA-600 [1433] may occur in RAC which can crash the instance (Doc ID 9067169.8)

Bug 10276173 – LMON hang possible while trying to get access to CKPT progress record (Doc ID 10276173.8)

Bug 11775332 – cluvfy fails with PRVF-5636 with DNS response timeout error but error text is not clear (Doc ID 11775332.8)

How to Create Undo Tablespace for a Newly Added RAC Instance (ORA-30012) (Doc ID 1344944.1)

CRS cannot startup after node reboot, with errors opening raw OCR/VD on EMC, eg. “utopen:7:Failed To Open Ocr File/Disk” (Doc ID 1310396.1)

Clusterware Stack Is Not Starting On One Node – OCSSD Daemon is Running but Unresponsive (Doc ID 1294676.1) Grid Infrastructure Upgrade/Install on More Than One Node Cluster Fails With “gipchaLowerProcessNode: no valid interfaces found to node” in crsd.log (Doc ID 1280234.1)

11.2 Grid Install Fails with SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-13013], and PRVF-5640 or a Warning in “Task resolv.conf Integrity” (Doc ID 1271996.1)

RAC: How to control parallel execution across instances in 10g? (Doc ID 1260674.1)

“opiodr aborting process” Messages in Alert.Log (Doc ID 1230858.1)

RAC: How to control parallel execution across instances in 11g? (Doc ID 1207190.1)

OUI Hangs in 11.2 Grid Install While Trying To Copy To Remote Notes (Doc ID 1126313.1)

Frequent “PE Command” and “UI Command” Messages in the crsd.log file for 11.2 Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1120626.1)

WIN: During Installation The Event Log Shows Failure To Start Some Services (Doc ID 1118683.1)

“ORA-29783: GPnP attribute SET failed with error [CLSGPNP_RD_ERR]” during 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Installation (Doc ID 1117484.1)

11.2 RAC: In “crsctl stat res -t” State Details May Be Missing or Incorrect (Doc ID 1086563.1)


How to calculate the correct subnet for an interface (Doc ID 1059759.1)

RAC Instance Fails to Start With Error ORA-27504: IPC error creating OSD context (Doc ID 1059831.1)


RAC on Windows: Is NAS Shared Storage Supported for use With RAC on Windows? (Doc ID 1054027.1)

How to Find RAC Certifications Including Supported Virtualization and Partitioning Technologies (Doc ID 1053954.1)

AIX: 10.2/11.1 VIP Fails to Come Up with “Invalid Parameters, Or Failed To Bring Up VIP” (Doc ID 959746.1)

Warning in RAC Alert Log “WARNING: No Cluster Interconnect Has Been Specified.” (Doc ID 949223.1)

CRS: Resource in UNKNOWN state and srvctl Cannot Start/Stop the Resource (Doc ID 845709.1)

The ocssd.log Has Entries: “Voting Device Hang At 50% Fatal” (Doc ID 845769.1)

RAC: SRVCTL Cannot Start Database or Instances – ORA-01565 Encountered in imon log (Doc ID 845895.1)

After CRS Install, ‘cluvfy -post crsinst’ Fails with “CRS is not installed on any of the nodes” (Doc ID 845761.1)

PRKC-1044 or “Remote Command Execution” Errors in OUI While Installing CRS (Doc ID 818306.1)

CRS stack will not startup – AIX 5.3 TL5+, CRS (Doc ID 780027.1)

How To Add/Increase The Size Of Redo Log Files In Rac Environment? (Doc ID 779306.1)

How to Create a Non-Default RAC Service Name (Doc ID 760874.1) Fails With “Argument list too long” (Doc ID 751981.1)

After changing the init parameter INSTANCE_GROUPS, queries are no longer being executed in parallel. (Doc ID 750645.1)

Cannot Start Instance Using Srvctl, No Info in Imon Logs (Doc ID 741212.1)

Crsd.Log Showing The Following Message: CLSC_RECEIVE: (*) ERROR 2 (Doc ID 733659.1)

Setting Environment Variables Through Srvctl (Doc ID 733567.1)

How to Start (or stop) 10gR2 or 11gR1 Oracle Clusterware Services Manually in Windows (Doc ID 729512.1)

FAQ ON “GES: potential blocker” MESSAGES IN ALERT LOG (Doc ID 728523.1)

srvctl start instance fails with PRKP-1001; srvctl trace shows error connecting to CRSD (Doc ID 726925.1)

RAC: How To Move From Shared To Non-Shared Homes (Doc ID 605640.1)

Relocating Central Inventory from Shared Location to Private (Local) Location for RAC users (Doc ID 604513.1)


Cluvfy returns “Unsuccessful” for most commands; trace has “cannot execute” / “permission denied”, or scp: “not found” (Doc ID 549667.1)

Where Should the CRS Home be Placed? (Doc ID 549196.1)

How To Input Variables to CRS Home Cloning Procedure (Doc ID 444617.1)