Long Live SQL!

I’m an Oracle RAC and Clusterware guru with a DBA/Developer and data analysis background. I’ve been writing SQL for half my life and still have plenty to learn! This is a place for me to blog about my “discoveries” and insights in Oracle, RAC, Clusterware, database administration and SQL.

What’s so great about SQL?

SQL is the dominant language for data and the relational model is the dominant paradigm. The reason is simple: SQL and the relational model are powerful abstractions. SQL lets developers and data analysts focus on the data, not on physical storage or access paths.

Oracle RAC Rocks!

I got into databases in the first dot-com boom as a DBA/Developer working in SQL, PL/SQL and Perl, then joined Oracle in 2007 as part of the Real Application Clusters (RAC) support team. RAC is simply the best clustered database available. I wrote over 100 support documents while with RAC Support.

Things I Can Do…

  • 14+ years’ experience in production database administration, programming and support
  • OCP certified
  • RAC and Clusterware guru

Database Programming and Analysis

Before joining Oracle, I was a database administrator and PL/SQL programmer with a focus in data integration and systems reconciliation.

  • ETL programming; data cleansing
  • Query and code optimization
  • SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, bash

Database Architecture

  • ER diagrams
  • Physical and logical data models
  • Full life-cycle database, system and code architecture

About this blog…

This is my personal website. The views expressed herein are my own.

When I’m not playing with databases, I like to play with words. You can find my writing website here: http://nrmroshak.com.